On May 12, 2000 CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg agreed through a Letter of Understanding (LOU) to the establishment of a $3 million jointly administered Human Resource Development Fund for the purpose of education, training and staff development for CUPE rated employees.

On April 17, 2003 CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg agreed to a second LOU for an additional $3 million for the fund.

On March 22, 2006 CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg signed a third consecutive LOU which saw the addition of $900,000 to the Fund.

On February 26, 2008 CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg signed a fourth LOU that included $1.5 million for the fund for the period of 2008 - 2010.

On April 8, 2011, CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg signed a fifth LOU that included $1million for the fund for the period of 2011 - 2014. 

On June 17, 2015, CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg signed a sixth LOU that included $500,000. This new LOU covers two calendar years (2015 - 2016) and will continue to support the core Global Programs such as E-Learning, Foremanship, Essential Skills, and Respectful Workplace training.  The new LOU also added support for the Employee Wellness Program.

In its first six years, the Joint Education Fund was able to create thousands of learning opportunities for CUPE members. The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) recognized these efforts by giving the partners numerous awards in several categories between 2002 and 2006.

In 2004, the Joint Committee was the recipient of the Canada Post Literacy Award for the :"Community Leadership Award". These awards are presented for programs that have demonstrated long-term achievement, innovation, leadership and excellence in furthering literacy or ESL/FSL training for at least three years.

In 2005 the Joint Committee was recognized with the Golf Level Award for organizational excellence from the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba (HRMAM). The Award of Excellence recognizes those organizations that have successfully demonstrated leadership in HR programs or services by creating, developing and implementing related initiatives that have resulted in significant and measurable benefits.

The "Joint Committee" oversees the work of the Education, Training and Staff Development Fund which provides CUPE members with development in areas such as computer training, essential skills development, respectful workplace, leadership programs and responds to changes resulting from organizational restructuring and/or technology advances.

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