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Myers Weinberg LLP and CUPE 500 Legal Care Plan


Membership in CUPE Local 500 entitles you and your immediate family access to the Myers Weinberg LLP Legal Care Plan.

The plan provides an initial 30 minutes of free legal consultation, and then legal services at preferred rates.

The range of services offered by Myers Weinberg LLP includes:

• business law
• civil litigation
• constitutional law
• corporate & commercial
• criminal law
• employment law
• family law
• franchise law
• mortgages & foreclosures
• real estate
• trademark & copyright
• wills and estates
• wrongful dismissal

Here’s how it works

1. Call Myers Weinberg LLP at 204-942-7773 and identify yourself as a member of CUPE Local 500. Collect calls are accepted within Manitoba.

2. You will be asked to provide a few details ensuring your eligibility in the Legal Care Plan, as well as some information with reference to the nature of your problem.

3. Once your elegibility is confirmed, you will be referred to a lawyer practicing in the appropriate area of law.

Under the Legal Care Plan

• no charge for the first 30 minutes of consultation with a lawyer at Myers Weinberg LLP
• these 30 minutes may be used either:
- by speaking to a lawyer on the phone, or
- by arranging an appointment, and meeting with the lawyer assigned to the file
• after an initial consultation, you may choose:
- to retain a lawyer at Myers Weinberg LLP and pay a preferred rate agreed upon between yourself and the lawyer, or
- to decline the use of the Legal Care Plan and use another law firm.


All legal services are provided on a confidential basis between the lawyer and the client.

About Myers Weinberg LLP

Myers Weinberg LLP offers a comprehensive range of services to individuals, families, First Nations, unions, associations and business.

The firm has extensive experience in virtually every area of the law. Firm lawyers appear in all levels of court on a regular basis, representing clients on a broad range of issues.

Members of Myers Weinberg LLP have been involved in public inquiries and cases of national significance. In the past, lawyers were instrumental in the Somali Inquiry, Health Sciences Centre Infant Heart Surgery Inquiry and the Monnin Inquiry.

A cornerstone of the firm’s practice is in matters related to Labour law, making it the firm of choice for most trade unions and associations in Manitoba. Lawyers for the firm represent unions, associations, and their members in all aspects of their dealings with employers.

Annually, Myers Weinberg LLP hosts the two-day Mel Myers Labour Conference, which addresses issues of interest to unions and associations. Smaller seminars are offered throughout the year.

Lawyers in the Aboriginal law department are experienced in representing First Nations in a variety of matters including land claims, flood claims, negotiations with government and developing partnerships with industry for natural resource development. They have also represented First Nations in negotiations with the federal and provincial governments on self-government issues.

The Business and Real Estate lawyers in the firm have successfully worked on behalf of individuals, corporations, businesses of all sizes and financial institutions in purchases and acquisitions, sales, financing, mortgages and foreclosures. Clients seeking advice on Franchising, Trademarks and Patents often turn to Myers Weinberg llp because of the firm’s highly regarded expertise in these areas.

Lawyers in the Myers Weinberg LLP Litigation department appear in all levels of court and before administrative tribunals, representing clients in law suits, criminal prosecutions and family law cases. The civil litigation lawyers have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases including personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful dismissal, contract disputes, insurance cases and child protection.

The Criminal law department is well known and highly regarded for its lawyers skilled in the defence of the rights of persons who are accused of a crime.

The Family law lawyers at the firm are experienced advocates who appreciate the sensitive nature of clients’ concerns when dealing with family law matters, both inside and outside of court.

Myers Weinberg LLP is a Canadian Bar Association universal firm - all lawyers are members of both the Canadian and Manitoba Bar Associations. Additionally, a number of the firm’s lawyers are members of the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers. Many firm lawyers actively participate in the Manitoba Bar Association, and three past MBA presidents are or have been members of the firm. As well, firm lawyers contribute to the governance of the Law Society of Manitoba. Positions held include benchers, as well as that of president.

Firm members also contribute professionally as volunteers in the community. One member of the firm has received the Manitoba Bar Association’s annual Pro Bono Award.

For More Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Local 500 office at 942-1001 or email us at