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Joint City/CUPE Education Fund

CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg agreed through four Letter of Understandings (LOU), the establishment of a jointly administered Human Resource Development Fund for the purpose of education, training and staff development for CUPE rated employees.

The LOU created the City/CUPE Joint Education, Training and Staff Development Committee with equal representation from the City and the Union. The "Joint Committee" reports to a Senior Steering Committee comprised of the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer and the President of CUPE Local 500.

The "Joint Committee" oversees the work of the Education, Training and Staff Development Fund which provides CUPE members with development in areas such as computer training, essential skills development, respectful workplace, leadership programs and responds to changes resulting from organizational restructuring and/or technology advances.

Courses and programs that have been supported by the fund are represented by the Tree Logo. For further information about any of the programs, awards or committee members, please click on a link below.


This page gives a brief description of awards received by the Joint City/CUPE Education Fund.


This page gives a brief background and description of the Joint City/CUPE Education Fund.

Courses and Programs

A list of courses and programs funded through the Joint Fund.

Joint Committee Members

A list of Joint Committee members and their contact information.

Senior Steering Committee

The Senior Steering Committee oversees the work of the Joint Committee to ensure the development of various training initiatives.