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Joint City/CUPE Courses and Programs

The education and training offered by the Joint Committee falls under four broad categories:

  • Department Specific Training
  • Individual Scholarships
  • Global Programs
  • Developmental Opportunities

Department Specific Training:

The Joint Committee received a number of proposals from departments and groups. The proposals requested funding for training of CUPE employees to develop knowledge and skills that would allow employees to ready themselves for future work. Some examples of Department proposals include:

  • Zoo Keeper Training
  • Arborist Training
  • AC/DC Fundamentals
  • Property Assessor Training
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Course
  • Management Development for Women

Check with your department to see whether training opportunities will be provided in your branch/area.

Individual Scholarships:

Individual employees can apply for financial assistance through the Joint City/CUPE Scholarship Program.Educational opportunities which could benefit the City in the future are considered for funding. Examples of courses taken are:

  • Library Technician
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Web Development
  • Criminology
  • Legal Assistant
  • Real Estate Training

Global Training:

This is training that benefits the whole organization and is open to all City of Winnipeg employees who are members of CUPE Local 500. Examples of Global Training include:

  • Essential Skills (GED, math, reading, computer training, etc.)
  • E-Learning Centre (computer lab built to address computer training needs)
  • Foremanship Program
  • Respectful Workplace (targeted to intact work groups)
  • Wellness 
  • Career Planning (supports employees in decisions about future direction)
  • Accounting/Finance Program (created to address gap in organization)
  • Human Resource Training Program (created to address HR gap in organization)
  • Communication Skills (conflict and effective management of workplace issues)
  • Occupational Health and Learning Program

Some of the above programs are coordinated by CUPE rated employees who were hired by the Joint Committee to manage and teach the identified programs.

Developmental Opportunities:

In 2004, the Joint Committee created a Letter of Understanding that allows employees to put into practice their knowlege and credentials by applying for a "Career Development Opportunity" or "trainee position" to gain work experience. Ten opportunities were created from proposals submitted by various Departments which were screened and selected by the Joint Committee.

The concept of a "trainee" position was created to provide a valid learning experience to those employees where career progression was possible for them in the foreseeable future.

Some examples of "trainee" positions are:

  • records and information management
  • human resources
  • materials buying
  • building and housing inspections
  • call centre service
  • road salt management

For more information regarding any of the above programs, please contact the Local 500 office at 942-1001.