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Bargaining Update #7 - CUPE Local 500/City of Winnipeg

June 13, 2021 at 10:38 AM

Negotiations between the City of Winnipeg and CUPE Local 500 continued on June 8, 9 and 10.

Both sides have continued to exchange counter proposals on the remaining non-monetary items. Non-monetary items are things like working conditions and changes to contract language. Through our discussions, we have been able to make some positive changes to the collective agreement. Details on these changes will be provided once a tentative agreement is reached.

Further meetings are scheduled for July 6, 7, 8, 14 & 15.  We plan to use these sessions to conclude non-monetary items and begin discussions on monetary proposals.

While the Local has a good track record of achieving results, it can never be guaranteed that job action will not be needed.  That’s why each time we go into bargaining, we make sure that a strike plan is put into place. This does not mean that we are going on strike. However, we must be prepared and ready for any possible situation. As always, we’re hoping and working for the best, but planning for the worst.

At this time, the most important thing for us to do is to stay united and support your bargaining committee. They are working hard on your behalf to make improvements to your contract. 


We ask members not to listen to rumours during bargaining. All information or potential actions we may take will be released by the Union at the necessary time.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of your bargaining committee, or contact the Local 500 office directly.

Watch for more information

We are committed to keeping you informed on our progress with regular updates.  Please continue to check your bulletin board, home email or the Local 500 website for bargaining updates.   

Once again, thank you for your continued support and patience.

Your Negotiating Committee

Gord Delbridge
, President • Carmen Prefontaine, Civic Services Unit Phil Dembicki, Community Services Unit Nicholas McClurg, Public Works Unit Madelaine Dwyer,
Water and Waste Unit
Rebecca Scott, Member at Large• Jon Shalapata, Member at Large•

Alex McClurg, Kevin Carswell, Dale Edmunds - CUPE National Staff Representatives • Karen Byzuk, Local 500 Special Assignments Officer