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Bulletin Update: Millennium Library - Security Screening Measures/Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties

April 09, 2019 at 7:39 PM


I am writing to update you on two important issues at the Millennium Library.

Security Screening Measures

As you are aware, there have been some concerns raised by both library patrons and staff about the new security measures at the Millennium Library.  We have also heard from many of our members that they are in favour of the enhanced security and are feeling safer at work. 

Local 500 understands and appreciates that our members are passionate about the role libraries play as an open community space for all.  At the same time, we know that challenging situations have, and continue to arise, that affect the health and safety of our members, and the community we serve. 

As you have probably heard, on April 4, the City’s Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks directed that the Winnipeg Public Service consider alternatives used in other similar public facilities and other municipalities that promote a sense of security. The administration was directed to provide the committee with a verbal report in 60 days and a written report in 120 days.

On Friday, April 5, CUPE attended a meeting with Library Management and Health and Safety representatives.  At this meeting, management agreed to have ongoing consultations with the union as they work through and explore alternative security solutions.  As always, workplace safety and health remains a priority for both the union and the employer.

In order to continue to best represent your views, it would be most helpful to receive any and all comments you may have on the current security screening procedures.  Your input is of vital importance. 

Please direct your comments to the Local 500 office via email:

Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties

The City of Winnipeg has again made a decision to close the Millennium Library during certain times before, during and after the Winnipeg Street Parties planned for the 2019 NHL Jets’ playoff games.  The risk of an emergency inside or outside the library and the resulting access or egress hazards for staff and citizens, again drove this decision.

As you may be aware, during the 2018 Jets’ NHL playoff run, the City and CUPE agreed to a Letter of Understanding regarding the assignment of part-time staff who could lose hours of work due to the early closure of the Millennium Library for the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties.

Once again, in order to alleviate the financial impact to the affected employees, the Union and the City have agreed to the following: 

  1. The City will assign the affected temporary employees to available shifts to make up for their hour lost during the above closures;
  2. A temporary employee who declines an assignment to vacant shifts to make up for their hours shall forgo any other opportunity for further re-assignment, unless the employee has a reasonable ground for refusal acceptable to the City;
  3. Any such assignments are not a violation of the CUPE/City of Winnipeg Collective Agreement; 
  4. This understanding is without prejudice or precedent.  

The Local will keep you posted on any other developments on this matter.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the process to make up shifts, please contact your library supervisor. 

In closing, should you have any other questions on the above or other matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In solidarity,

Gord Delbridge