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311 Contact Centre Campaign

311 Committee (Back row: L-R) Linda Sisetski; Wanda Gomes;
Susan McKenzie; Ed Willmott; Dana Ewonchuk; Heather Ellis;
(Front row: L-R) Debbie Middleton; Lottie Skakun; Laura Battaglia;
Debbie Toews-Kipling;

City Officially Opens new 311 Consolidated Contact Centre

On January 16, 2009, the City of Winnipeg’s 311 Contact Centre officially opened. The new citizen inquiry service which is opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is internally operated by members of CUPE Local 500.

"We are pleased to be part of the official opening of the City's new 311 contact centre", said Mike Davidson, President of CUPE Local 500. "It was through the hard work and committment of our 311 committee that we were able to keep this important service publicly operated".

From the outset, the Mayor and some City Councillors were interested in contracting out the new service. They believed that a pivate company could provide this service instead of public employees.

In January 2007, CUPE Local 500 embarked on a nine month campaign to have the City's new 311 contact centre operated by its membership. In March, 2007, a 311 Committee made up of clerical members from each of the Local 500 units was formed to coordinate the campaign.

The Committee worked hard to develop a set of recommendations for an internally operated 311 Centre Model that was responsive to delivering a valuable service to the citizens of

On October 17, 2007, the Executive Policy Committee (EPC) of City Council voted in favour of the recommendation to create an internally operated 311 Call Centre.

The recommendations included: That Council approve the Letter of Understanding, 311 Call Center Operations, with CUPE Local 500.

  1. That the City adopt the internally operated model (enhanced version) of service
    delivery for a consolidated 311 service.
  2. That there be no award of contract pursuant to RFP 123-2007 for the provision of a
    consolidated 311 service for the City of Winnipeg.
  3. That the proper officers of the City be authorized to do all things necessary to achieve
    the intent of Council.
  4. On October 24, 2007, City Council today voted 16–0 in favour of the above recommendation to create an internally operated 311 Call Centre.

Congratulations to the 311 Committee for their hard work and efforts in successfully retaining this very important public service!