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Media Release: City Budget nothing but a shell game for 2008/2009

March 06, 2008 at 2:36 AM


When the rest of Canada is talking about growth and development, our Council is proposing cuts and reductions. It doesn’t make sense, according to Mike Davidson, President of CUPE local 500 that represents city frontline workers.


The proposed city budget does not include major program cuts, and does not include business tax reductions, but it claws away at the city’s ability to deliver services. By reducing operational funds available for personnel and projects, the budget is becoming a shell for a resource-thin city administration and operations.


For example, by not filling existing and new staff vacancies, the city is slowly reducing its human resource capacity. While this process does not have dramatic immediate effect, it incrementally undermines the ability of remaining staff to provide required services.


“With less ability to provide the front line services, City Council is setting the stage for a disaster – we’ll have less ability to enforce Animal Control by-laws or we could be compromising the safety of our Water supply and delivery,” said Davidson.


“This entire budget is setting the table for a number of regressive changes over the next couple of years that could have serious consequences.”


“We have an opportunity to build this city – with strong public services and workers committed to the citizens of Winnipeg. Instead of responding to this opportunity with enthusiasm and pride, we are sucking out the core of our services and leaving only a fragile shell,” Davidson said.




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Mike Davidson, President, CUPE Local 500: 942-1001(office) 995-4182 (cell)
Karen Byzuk, CUPE Communications, 942-1001 (office) 782-9444 (cell)


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