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For Immediate Release:
September 26, 2014

Paula Havixbeck needs to check her facts - CUPE
WINNIPEG – A recent release from Mayoral Candidate Paula Havixbeck claiming that the President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 500, receives a salary from the City of Winnipeg, is patently false.
“I am disappointed that a member of City Council who plans to lead this city is unable to put simple facts together before making statements to the public,” said Local 500 President, Mike Davidson.  “Our union reimburses the City directly, dollar-for-dollar for the salaries of union leadership.  It’s a simple and common accounting practice.”
Because elected union executive members are technically city employees on union leave, salaries continue to be allocated through City payroll, but are directly reimbursed to the City by the union dollar-for-dollar.  Article 35-1c of the CUPE Local 500 Collective Agreement states that the union shall reimburse the City for all wages and costs of benefits for the President.
“Paula Havixbeck should have contacted us if she had any concerns,” said Davidson.  “I’m disappointed that she would attempt to spread this type of misinformation.”
CUPE Local 500 fully expects Paula Havixbeck to retract her statement.
CUPE Local 500 represents about 5,000 employees working at the City of Winnipeg who provide front-line services in public works, community services, water and wastewater, recreation and other service areas.
For more information:
Mike Davidson, President, CUPE Local 500:  (cell) 204 995-4182
Karen Byzuk, Communications, CUPE Local 500 (cell) 204 782-9444