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COVID-19 Udate#2 from CUPE 500

March 14, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Today, the City of Winnipeg announced that effective Monday, March 16, all City of Winnipeg operated recreation and library facilities will be closed, and all programs, services, and bookings cancelled, until further notice.

What does this mean for Local 500 members working in these facilities?

Q: What happens with my job?

A: The city is still asking that you report to work for your normal shift on Monday and will have more information available in the coming days.

Q: Will I still get paid during a closure?

A: The City will continue to pay employees affected by the closure of City-owned and operated facilities in accordance with their regular entitlements under applicable agreements.

The City will attempt to continue to place these employees in active employment. In the event they can continue to productively perform their regular duties, they may be asked to continue. In the event there is alternative work available within their usual workplace, this option will be explored. In the event there is no work available within their usual workplace, the City will explore redeployment elsewhere in the organization. All decisions will be made in accordance with applicable laws.

As a last resort, employees will be directed not to report to work until further notice, but will continue to be paid their regular entitlements under applicable agreements as though they had continued to actively work during that period of time.

These measures will apply in these extenuating circumstances.

Q: Will the City still honour my vacation time?

A: Your pre-authorized vacation dates will be honoured. Any further questions regarding vacation time should be directed to your supervisor.

There is also more information for employees available on the City’s Intranet site: http://citynet/intrahom/covid-19/

More information:

We’ll keep updated as more information becomes available.